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(French) Témoignages
(English) Description
(English) Exploration path


(French) Témoignages

Le Web SSO bouscule l'informatique de la mairie de Paris (Journal du Net, novembre 2006)


The OpenTrust-PAM software regulates access to web applications by acting as a proxy between the user's browser and the applications, intercepting all network trafic, mainly offering:

Exploration path

Explore the whole architecture package. If you read French please take a look at OpenTrust-PAM_Architecture-v1.11French.pdf.


Install, on a real or virtual machine, OpenSuse Linux 10.2, without any Web server or "service".

Check that no software listens to TCP port 443 or 1443. Under Linux one may, as root, invoke:
netstat -tpan | grep ':1\?443'
Uninstall any software using this port.

Download the most recent 'opentrust-pam' release.

Read the document provided in order to install it.

Explore all active tickets, especially in the 'support' group: on the Sourceforge menubar click on 'Tracker' then select 'Support Requests', and browse through all active tickets.

Read the 'Help' forum.

Install OpenTrust-PAM on the machine animated by OpenSuse 10.2.


Using your browser, connect to https://<your-IP-network-interface-name-as-seen-by-Apache>/config.

Log in as user boot, password boot.